Preparation of a policy and charter package for a new mining venture in record time

Background/ Situation

MACHUS Solutions was approached by the CEO of a new mining venture which was raising capital for emerging projects in Australia and overseas. A significant investor expressed interest in the venture, subject to a number of conditions including a suite of corporate policies and charters. The client insisted that this was an urgent matter and the policies and charters were required to be delivered in one week.

The Brief

The original brief and all exchanges with the client company occurred through the CEO. Thirteen policies and three charters were to be written in total, but with the added complexity that the documents were to be used in Australia and other countries. The content of these documents was to be developed by MACHUS Solutions and approved by the CEO.

Solutions, Strategies and Recommendations

In order to meet the tight one week deadline, two MACHUS Solutions consultants were dedicated to the project.

Implementation and Results

The policy and charter package was presented one week after the original brief and with the CEO’s approval. The client was thrilled with the service MACHUS Solutions provided and the speed of delivery of the project.

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