Mini Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan —it helps with organisation, setting goals, preparing for the future and staying on track. The concise mini plan illuminates all the over-arching key facts promptly and effectively. This is delivered on-line using client’s data and Machus’ own information in a 2 to 3 page document outlining key elements for the business such as: diagnosis, proposed strategies, implementation and KPIs, basic profitability and cash flow forecast. Naturally, the speed and efficacy of the Mini plan depends on the availability and accuracy of the information provided by the client.

Current times require succinct documents without extravagant language, but must include key information expressed in terms that everyone can understand. The one page plan meets this requirement. It is also easy to update and amend to meet ever changing circumstances.

Cost: POA (due to the multiple variables). Part or the whole fee may be refundable if Machus is hired to help implement adopted strategies.

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