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MACHUS Solutions is a long-standing, professional business consultancy whose role is to empower you to become a better entrepreneur and business operator.

After a lifetime of experience assisting small-to-medium enterprise (SMEs) Mac and his team have gained a wealth of experience and a network of capable people. This gives them the edge to address most challenges faced by any business. Given the scope and diversity of each business this site only outlines some of the important services offered by MACHUS; so call or email if your business requires other services or support. MACHUS welcomes any enquiries regarding specific needs you may have for your business.

You will find that the extensive business knowledge and range of services offered mean that when a business elements is assessed, it is in terms of the whole enterprise. This includes how the element works in harmony to support the others. This vital appreciation of the whole business spectrum enables a holistic approach. In enterprise whereby the notion of ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’, this approach is imperative for greater success.

To facilitate this holistic assessment five key areas are identified which define the success of the business.

These are:

People (stakeholders)Market (clients and prospects)Systems (internal & external)Financials (profitability, cash flow, etc)Invisibles (intellectual property).

Through evaluation of these elements MACHUS can provide a diagnostic report which may suggest priorities to boost the business.


Mini Business Plan (the three page business plan). This is delivered on-line using client’s data and MACHUS’ own information. Basic profitability and cash flow forecast included.
Maxi Business Plan (includes market research and extensive strategic planning). Includes one of more meetings with client, sourcing of marketing data and documentation. Detailed budget and assumptions are also included. Part or the whole fee may be refundable if MACHUS is hired to help implement adopted strategies.

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MACHUS Diagnostic Pentagon Appraisal includes a diagnostic tool which is ideal for established businesses. The service incorporates diagnostic analysis, priorities report supported with a graphic dashboard for efficient accurate interpretation of the overall appraisal and an implementation action plan to attend to the findings.

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Business Revival Package (includes comprehensive diagnostic report as per above plus intensive participation by MACHUS in the implementation). These packages can be negotiated on a modest retainer and percentage of profits gained as a result of the program.

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