MACHUS solutions is a professional business consultant offering small business advice, planning and executive coaching in Brisbane.

We are a commercially focused business advisor and consulting firm dedicated to the improvement and success of SMEs. We evaluate, plan and implement solutions for your business and help you to achieve your goals. Take advantage of our twenty-five years of professional business advice in the Brisbane area.

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MACHUS solutions is a commercial solutions organisation dedicated to the improvement and success of SMEs. We help you engineer your business and ensure your vision becomes reality. We can help you achieve greater success, wealth and improve your quality of life. After more than 20 years in operation, we have a depth of SME know-how and experience that is unequalled in the Australian market.

We work closely with our key partners, ASSOB and the MYP Corporation, using their considerable resources to help you. We also have access to a pool of professionals who can complement our work with their specialities: business law, taxation, human relations, marketing, compliance and others.

We can assist you to set up new ventures, re-engineer existing business or help you plan and develop specific projects. Our initial meeting is obligation free and no fees are charged. After that we only partner you if you really want to work with us to improve your business. Talk to us, it may be the most important conversation you will ever have.

Key Partners 


The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is Australia’s largest capital raising platform for high-growth, unlisted companies (over $120M raised to date).

ASSOB uses many of the techniques used by stock exchange listed companies to enable unlisted companies to raise between $250K and $5M in equity capital via the ASSOB Primary Board. It is unique to Australia and is rapidly becoming known as one of the most innovative capital-raising platforms in the world.

ASSOB delivers it services via Accredited ASSOB Sponsors. These ASSOB Sponsors are usually professional advisors and business consultants that work with growing companies and facilitate their listing onto the ASSOB Platform. MACHUS solutions is an Accredited ASSOB Sponsor.

ASSOB also recently launched the ASSOB Secondary Sales System as well as the ASSOB Compliance Listing service which are the first of its kind in the unlisted securities sector in Australia. These services allow shareholders to advertise their shares in a company for resale on the Share Sales Tracker at the bottom of each Company Profile page.

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